You are lied to, Robert.

Open letter to the DVNLP and its honorary member Robert Dilts

send to the DVNLP and to Robert Dilts and publisth on my blog on the Jan 10th, 2020; here is the German Version Hi, Robert, hello DVNLP board members,

recently, Robert, we had a little mail exchange concerning the NLP-Association in Germany DVNLP and the workshop you will do at their „Future Tools“1 in Mai 2020. Since I knew that you, dear DVNLP board members, have been publicly lying since 2014 here in Germany I was curious as to what extend you would lie to Robert as well. I was flabbergasted, to say the least, when you, Robert, informed me about the briefing you got from the DVNLP representative who is managing the business relationship with you as the presenter at the DVNLP future tools event. Thanks for passing on to me the briefing you got from the DVNLP representative, your „contact“:

I have heard back from my contact for the presentation I am doing for the DVNLP. The message was: “Unfortunately Thies Stahl has a struggle with DVNLP and a lot of its members since 2014. My English is too poor to explain the whole thing in English. The DVNLP had some official response in 2014 and 2015. After some court negotiations . . . the board decided not to react anymore. In short: Thies Stahl accused some members of his own training of sexual harassment of his now girlfriend. These members went to court. The girlfriend of Thies is condemned from court of false accusations and seemed to be mentally ill. Thies Stahl accuses now the DVNLP of ‚hiding‘ offenders. Since this Thies Stahl publishes accusations against DVNLP and against members. In Germany no-one wants to hear about that anymore. The board decided not to react anymore to Thies Stahl.”

My comments to these lies:

“…a struggle with DVNLP and a lot of its members…“

That is a lie by omission. The truth is: There are several cases of severe abuse of power for private gain, including sexual violence and offenses which have not been investigated by the DVNLP committees, but covered and concealed by the DVNLP board – as I proved in my final report2 on the „Causa DVNLP“. Since this comprehensive report is in German I have published, besides a German summary, a summary for my international colleagues3.

“The DVNLP had some official response in 2014 and 2015.“

I documented and proved that those statements contained incorrect assertions and blatant lies and that they have been issued without any corrections in recent times4.

“After some court negotiations…“

There was only one court negotiation: A conciliation hearing resulted in a settlement approved by a court5 in which the DVNLP agreed to no longer claim that the exclusion of the members Thies Stahl and the not heard complainant took place in accordance with the statutes of the DVNLP. The DVNLP board did not hold on to this settlement and is still violating it, mainly in the two internet forums that are controlled by the DVNLP. I had the court proceedings stopped in 2015 when I resigned from the DVNLP.

My resign was a protest against the refusal of the DVNLP to talk to the complainant. She had not been talked to, her complains have been thrown into the trash and the DVNLP violated her human rights severely – as I documented thoroughly in my quite comprehensive final report6. When the conciliation committee, which in the DVNLP has the power to cancel procedures of exclusion started by the board, wanted to talk only and exclusively with me as well and – like the board did before – excluded her totally I resigned from the DVNLP. I call the DVNLP a „perpetrators association“ since then.7

„Thies Stahl accused some members of his own training of sexual harassment of his now girlfriend.“

This is a big lie. XY, an assistant person of that training of mine, a NLP master group, was accused by the complainant, a member of that group, of having committed abuse against her as her coach and psychotherapist and in combination with sexual violence. She also filed a complaint with the police against XY.

I accused the DVNLP officials to have abused their power for not handling the complains of the complainant correctly: They neglected and suppressed them and eliminated the complainant from the association with mafia-, stasi- und nazi-like methods and they psychiatrized her – until today.

„These members went to court.“

Not a single member of my former master group went to court. Four of them only required the complainant to sign a declaration of discontinuance to not publicly repeat some accusations. She complied with them since the DVNLP board had agreed to provide a mediation with her and the addressees of her complains – a promise the DVNLP board did not hold.

Only the assistant person XY and two DVNLP trainers, SM and Martina Schmidt-Tanger, went to court and brought actions for injunctions. In the weeks before the general meeting in 2014 (which was manipulated and deceived by the DVNLP board8) the complainant and I were waiting for the promised mediation to start. Since she didn´t want to say her complains in public again the complainant accepted the injunctions to not do so – from XY, SM and Martina Schmidt-Tanger. She wanted to state her accusations in the promised mediation – which the board did not provide. Instead of having the conflicts mediated inside the association the board eliminated the complainant and also myself as her supporter and helped the addressees of her complains to sue the complainant and myself. During we were waiting for the mediation to start the board members engaged in hidden and dirty operations by which they supported the conflict partners of the complainant with misappropriated confidential correspondence from internal DVNLP communications and classified DVNLP documents which they then used against the complainant and me as „dirty ammunition“. The DVNLP officials did this by acting contrary to the regulations/constitution/charter of the DVNLP and also contrary to the basic human rights.

“The girlfriend of Thies [the complainant] is condemned from court of false accusations…“

That is a perfidious lie. The public prosecutor made a formal accusation against the complainant (of defamation and slander against the DVNLP member XY). After one court hearing with the complainant in which she described an incidence of being raped by XY and her pimp ex-husband the judge, the prosecutor and the lawyer of the complainant agreed to terminate the proceedings9. She testified that both men forced her by this and other violent acts to give her signature to a false certificate that XY and another DVNLP member needed to be accredited by the DVNLP as trainer (of having fulfilled the necessary hours in adult education in the institute of the complainant).

“The girlfriend of Thies…“

The fact the complainant and I became a couple in the course of the „Causa DVNLP“ is absolutely irrelevant for the naming and classification of the crimes which the DVNLP board and the other involved officials and members committed against her as perpetrators. Since the beginning of the „Causa DVNLP“ the board has been trying to justify their decision to prevent (contrary to the by-laws of the DVNLP) the appropriate DVNLP committees to deal with the complaints the complainant and I lodged by classifying them as our „private matter of affair“. This is plain rubbish since the abuse by the DVNLP member XY has been proven having taken place in a DVNLP training seminar.

„… is condemned10 from court …“

The complainant had been sentenced, thats true. Aber but not because of false accusations since the proceedings against her (defamation and slander against the DVNLP member XY) have been terminated after she testified on the acts of violence by XY and SF against her – and cannot be reopened. Condemned, in the sense of being punished with merely a fine or an administrative sanction, the complainant was in two cases for acting against a preventive injunction to not repeat certain accusations related to Martina Schmidt-Tanger and her „NLP-professional“-colleague SM. What the complainant accepted since she wanted to speak for her rights in the promised mediation and not again on her blog (where she forgot to anonymize some names in one of many documents she had publishes in her anger about not being not heard with her complains and about being excluded from the DVNLP committees responsible for them. And then, when the board did not supply mediation, she wanted to testify in front of a committee of inquiry that we requested from the general meeting of the DVNLP. But the board excluded us from the general meeting, in fact by an act of physical violence – illegally since we were regular members at that point in time.11

“Condemned“ is a term that is more suitable to what is the essence of the bigot and felonious misconduct of the DVNLP board against the complainant in 2014 – and, dear members of the board, of yours as the actual DVNLP board as well. At least if you don´t dissociate yourself from the criminal actions of the „Dr. jur. Jens Tomas“-board, Martina Schmidt-Tanger and the accused other12 DVNLP members. That is true at least as long as you keep on lying to the German public inside and outside the DVNLP (as you do heavily in your internet forums) and as long as you allow your representative to tell these lies about the complainant and me to your future tool presenter Robert Dilts.

“…and seemed to be mentally ill.“

Psychiatrization is the biggest crime the DVNLP committed: Character assassination in a discriminatory campaign and a concerted effort at defamation which the DVNLP is executing against the complainant and myself since 2014. Male and female DVNLP members started that campaign after being accused by the complainant of having abused her in their respective trainer-trainee and coach/psychotherapist-client relationships. I documented and proved that the DVNLP board had synchronized their attempt to psychiatrize the complainant with an already existing psychiatrization attack which had been mounted by the pedocriminal perpetrator system out of which the complainant managed to back out in 2011. This synchronization was made possible by two DVNLP lawyers who collaborated mafialike with the lawyer of XY and four of the other addressees of the complains who support XY. The result of this synchronization was a psychiatric report (created then for the now terminated court proceedings against the complainant) which I was able to unmask to be an accommodation or courtesy report (in German: Gefälligkeitsgutachten) for the perpetrators.13

“Thies Stahl accuses now the DVNLP of ‚hiding‘ offenders… publishes accusations against DVNLP and against members.“

Both is true. I published these articles in the last years:

„The Perverse Triangle as a Recursive Pattern in the DVNLP“14 (12.06.2015). In this article I describe a pathogenetic recursive pattern with Jay Haleys „Perverse Triangle“ as foundation being the start of the „Cause DVNLP“: structures of abuse and even a culture of abuse.

„Violence, Abuse, Double Standard and the Return of the Repressed in the DVNLP“15 (30.10.2015) This article is about the historical context of the „Causa DVNLP“: The tabooed handling of the involvement, entanglement or enmeshment of the NLP-Cofounder Richard Bandler into a killing in 1986, the problems of model learning form Bandler who is not respected in the DVNLP and about possible entanglements of subsequent NLP generations into the dynamic of the murder of Corine Christensen that is not talked about.

„DVNLP abandoned by all good spirits? – Predetermined breaking point fascistic-totalitarian lapses and the loss of self-control“.16 (02.06.2016) The idiom „von allen guten Geistern verlassen“ means in this context: the good spirits of Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson, Milton Erickson and the spirit of all the „MRI and other systemic ancestors“ left the DVNLP. This article is about the break of the DVNLP acting in a fascistic-totalitarian way with values from the history of humanistic and communication theory traditions. To describe the misconduct of the DVNLP board I used many analogies from social and historical phenomenons from the Nazi time in Germany. Although “nazi comparisons” are taboo in Germany, the court qualified each single one of them as justified since they are well-founded expressions of opinion.17

„NLP and the nuts. The DVNLP is corrupting its method“18 (22.10.2016) This article deals with the expected effects of the denial and suppression of the lapses in the DVNLP on the performance of DVNLP members as NLP practitioners und trainers, coaches und therapists.

„My beautiful delinquent German Verband!“ The DVNLP completes a perpetrator-victim-inversion“19 (13.04.2017) Starting with Virginia Satir looking at a picture of her with Richard Bandler and John Grinder and saying „here you see me with my two beautiful delinquent sons“, I describe the DVNLP performing a criminal process of a perpetrator-victim-inversion and its cooperation with the police and the public prosecutor’s office in the psychiatrization of a DVNLP member. Additionally: I describe twenty-seven „Zersetzungsmethoden“ (methods of „Zersetzung“20 used by the Stasi in Eastern Germany) that the DVNLP inflicted on the complainant and me in order to muzzle us.

„Perpetrators Association DVNLP: Silence, Denial and Repression“21 (2017) This article is about the synchronization of processes of a perpetrator-victim-inversion and of psychiatrizations between systems of perpetrators inside and outside the DVNLP.

„Psychiatric Report. A Gift for the DVNLP and the pedocriminals“22 (26.10.2017) This is  a psychologically, hypno-technically and communication-theoretically reasoned treatise on the psychiatric expert report regarding the criminal responsibility of the complainant, on the manipulated state of the files on which it was founded, on the incompetence and on the offender-oriented and perpetrator pleasing stance of its author. By this article I was able to rip the psychiatric report to pieces which was used in the court proceedings (public prosecutor against complainant) and now lies locked away in the cellar of the court after the proceeding have been terminated. It is now worthless for the perpetrators who up to now threaten the complainant and already tried to illegally get hold of it. — „DVNLP and GNLC are hiding a suspected Sexual Offender“23 (27.12.2017) The new association, founded by Cora Besser-Siegmund inherits the burden of the „Causa DVNLP“ for which Cora Besser-Siegmund shares the responsibility.

„Psychiatrization. Not amusing.“24 (14.06.2018) This is an account of the processes of stigmatiziation, psychopathologization and psychiatrization from an inside perspective.

„Dossier about the Perpetrator-Victim-Inversion“25 (11.01.2017) It is a documentation which shows the way in which a manipulated internal note in one of the involved authorities went viral. It traces the way it infected all following internal notes in the files of the police and the prosecution department. This documentation shows how easily you can be declared as crazy in Germany when one initial note in the files is manipulated by perpetrators.

„In Germany no-one wants to hear about that anymore.“

Yes. And that´s sad. It is a German specialty: Denying guilt and joint guilt, keeping silence and repressing. In my final report I also expand on the contexts of the „Causa DVNLP“: There is an overlapping and mutual amplification of a special taboo in the NLP community with a special German taboo and also a superimposition of a collective trauma in NLP with a collective traumatization in Germany – with harmful effects on the complainant and me.

„The board decided not to react anymore to Thies Stahl.”

Sorry, dear board members, I think you have to react now. You decided not to react when I invited you recently to write a statement which I would be willing to include in my final report. But now, after this open letter to you and Robert and after I have published a summary of my final „Causa DVNLP“ report26 in English, I am curios about the kind of statement you will publish. The least you should do is to publicly dissociate yourself from the listed above lies that your representative offered to you, Robert. That would be good for the reputation of the NLP community in Germany. Its reputation had a good start in Germany in the eighties, among other things also as a result of my articles and books and probably as a result of my bringing a good NLP trainer to Germany the fist time: It was in 1987, Robert, when I brought you to Hamburg and also to Westerland on the isle of Sylt, not in 198227. In 1981 we met for the first time in Santa Cruz.

I corrected the dates on your facebook page, but you, dear DVNLP board members, have deleted my respective comment. As I proved in my final report: You, the new board, get more and more competent in the art of historical forgery, especially your board member which is responsible for press and public relations, Ralf Dannemeyer. And your chief financial officer, Leo Buchholz, is an intensive conflict partner of the „eliminated“ complainant and one of the deeply entangled „Causa DVNLP“ perpetrators.

Also deeply entangled „Causa DVNLP“ perpetrators, Robert, are your new DVNLP fellow honorary members, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Cora Besser-Siegmund. About two of them, the „NLP-professional“ trainers Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Dr. jur. Jens Tomas the Landgericht Hamburg allowed me28 to explicitly say: „For taking their place among the perpetrators who acted with extreme, also psychological, violence against the complainant the chairman of the DVNLP board, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, and the member of the DVNLP committee ‘Aus- und Fortbildungskommission’, Martina Schmidt-Tanger, used their positions generously.“ (For a German reader this is a clear ironical way to say: „they abused their offices to do so“.)

But maybe, dear members of the board, you will find a way to initiate some kind of metanoia for the DVNLP – to prevent this association from being renamed in DVNSNLP. NS is standing for „Non-Systemical“ – of course.

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