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This text I publish initially on my blog at the 14th of January 2020

The „Causa DVNLP“ final report1 was published on the April 18th in 2019, at first under the title

  • Certificate Deceptions. Abuses. Human Rights Violations. Rogue Association DVNLP – The banality of evil2 in the fascistic-totalitarian misconduct of a German psycho-methods association

and then since the 3rd of December 2019 under the title

  • NLP for Pimps, Pedophiles and other Female Gangsters – “Causa DVNLP“: Fascist-totalitarian lapses in a mafia-like naziesque German Psycho-Methods Association

(Added 21.12.2021: In March 2020 it was published in an expanded form as the book NLP für Verbrecher – „Causa DVNLP“: Mafia-, Stasi- und Nazi-Methoden im deutschen NLP.)

After importing NLP to Germany in 1980 I brought together the major German NLP groups and associations3 in 1996 in order to found the DVNLP4 together. It was a success since with the DVNLP we have a strong and unified NLP association in Germany since then.

In April 2011 I started to date a woman who had been a participant in one of my NLP master practitioner courses before. When our relationship got closer and more committed she told me that she was treated violently by her second husband who threatened to kill her. She confided to me that she was forced into prostitution by him and her first husband who worked together as pimps and that she had been abused in my master course by an assistant in this course who was also her coach and psychotherapist – anonymized as XY in my final report. I learned that XY whom she asked to help herself and her children to escape her husbands and the forced prostitution started a cooperation with them as one of their deputy pimps.

I was flabbergasted since I had not noticed that my assistant has had that kind of a relationship with her and that I apparently had not noticed his seemingly severe Jekyll & Hyde dissociation and his seemingly violent perpetrator stance against women during my seminars in which he assisted. And even more flabbergasted was I when I learned from her reports that XY, powered by the pedocriminal perpetrators system around her pimp husbands, seemingly had forced her and her children into gang bangs and other prostitution activities in the informal background of my master group. In the context of those group and also one-on-one activities, so her reports, some of the male and female master participants became violent against her and when she tried to struggle herself free from XY as one of her pimps he initiates a severe group mobbing against her.

I had to mentally and emotionally digest a lot in 2012 which was the first year of being her partner. Not only the violence and sexual exploitation which was inflicted on her as a child by her mother, stepfather and other secret cult pedocriminals had to be integrated as (even in my immediate surroundings) real existing facts into my up to then naive model of the world, but also the violence inflicted on her even as a grown-up woman and also on her children by the same perpetrator system – that now seemingly also included my master assistant, who is up to now still a trainer and coach in the DVNLP and the GNLC.

She, being in a firm relationship with me since December 2011, decided to file a complaint against that assistant in the DVNLP and I, the initiating founder and first German honorary member of the DVNLP, decided to support her. She informed the board of the DVNLP about the things that happened in the background of my master course and also that she had asked XY for help in escaping that perpetrator system but that he decided to rather become a part of it and help the perpetrators to exploit her and her children.

I also filed a complaint against XY in the DVNLP for having hidden from me his relationship to the complainant and their prostitutional activities during the seminar. I only knew that he started working in the youth assistance institution that she and her second husband owned, coaching some of their 30 employees and started to be an assistant trainer and trainee in her training institute for social and group work that she and her second husband owned as well. XY managed it in this master course to disguise his relationship to her through for a period of a year by telling me sophisticated lies about being secretly and unhappily in love with a married woman that I would not know.

Both complaints were not handled by the appropriate DVNLP committees and suppressed by the responsible DVNLP officials. They argued that they did not want to have a new Sex ’n’ Crime story in NLP „since luckily people have forgotten the entanglement of Richard Bandler into the murder of Corine Christensen“ or, like Martina Schmidt-Tanger had put it, that they wanted to „earn good money for another five years“ and therefore didn´t „need a new Sex ’n’ Crime story“.

My model of the world, as far as NLP people in general and especially my former NLP students are concerned, got stretched even further when I learned that in the years 2008 till 2011 nine members of the DVNLP (3 women and 6 men) got entangled with the complainant while abusing their power as her male and female DVNLP trainer, coach and psychotherapist. Five of them have been trained by me whereby the three women out of these five are my most prominent and successful former students.

These DVNLP members, like XY, closely enmeshed themselves deeply into the private and professional relationship system of the complainant including her two husbands and their deputy pimps, her son and her daughter, her employees, the trainees of her training institute and also male and female children and teenager clients of her youth welfare service. The complains against these DVNLP members included sexual violence and abuse in the context of the asymmetric power professional relationships they, as their male and female DVNLP trainer, coach, psychotherapist, mediator or supervisor shared with her as their client.

Besides the many acts of violence and abuse the complains the complainant filed in the DVNLP contained the fact that these male and female DVNLP trainers, coaches, mediators and psychotherapists refused to help the complainant as she requested. Instead of supporting the complainant they supported the DVNLP member XY who abused her and aligned himself with the perpetrator system out of which she managed to escape in November 2011 when I decided to help her.

I documented in my final report how these members – I call them the „Causa DVNLP“ perpetrators – managed it with the help of the mafialike acting DVNLP lawyers to eliminate the complainant and me from the DVNLP. I also documented that four of these members, XY, Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Petra P. and SM, s „NLP-professional“-colleague of Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and Martina Schmidt-Tanger (via their own mafiaesk lawyers, KF und Dr. jur. G., who collaborated in a mafialike way with the DVNLP lawyer Harms) cooperated with the pedocriminal perpetrators system in a psychiatrization attack against the complainant and me. This attack culminated in a psychiatric expert report regarding her criminal responsibility which was produced in the court proceedings on the foundation of traceably manipulated records by which the perpetrator compliant psychiatrist wanted to „prove“ that the „mentally disturbed delusional“ complainant had „falsely accused“ XY.

These court proceedings had been terminated as the prosecutor and the judge agreed about the insignificance and the minor nature of the charges (for these and the all the other „Causa DVNLP“ court proceedings see footnote #19): The complainant is not guilty of any defamation or slander against XY as her abuser and his supporters Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Cora Besser-Siegmund, Anita von Hertel, Petra P. and Stephan Landsiedel had accused her. It was her right and her duty to file charges against her abuser, her coach und HP-psychotherapist XY inside the DVNLP and with the police, the public health authority responsible for HP-psychotherapists and his company in which he worked part time as an addiction counselor.

I was able to rip the psychiatric report to pieces by writing and publishing an psychologically, hypno-technically and communication- theoretically reasoned treatise about that psychiatric report demasking it: either as an extreme dumb piece of work or as a brilliant piece of work pretending to be an extreme dumb piece of work. I also succeeded in documenting that this psychiatric report is the result of the mafialike secret collaboration of the DVNLP lawyers Harms, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and Dr. jur. G. with KF, the lawyer of the abuser XY and some of his supporters. The DVNLP member XY, his lawyer KF and these supporters are accused of supporting the pedocriminal perpetrators system by the complainant.

To contribute to the psychiatrization of the complainant was an extreme perfidious decision of the „Dr. jur. Jens Tomas“-board of the DVNLP and their consultant Martina Schmidt-Tanger. Martina Schmidt-Tanger is the first DVNLP official who openly had psychiatrized the complainant in the first place. Martina Schmidt-Tanger, as the teacher of her „NLP-professional“/DVNLP coaching training, was not able to resolve a conflict with her trainee, the complainant, which she in her complaint describes as a result of a loss of role clarity and as a severe abuse of power. The perfidiousness of the acting of Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and Martina Schmidt-Tanger, both „NLP-professional“-trainers, and the DVNLP board can be seen in the fact that the complainant had successfully managed to finally escape the pedocriminal perpetrators system as a ready to testify key witness three years before at her age of 38. She had been trapped in that system in which she herself had been exploited already since she was a little child and in which then her two children also have been sexually exploited and used as a leverage to keep her (and also her kids) in forced prostitution.

The DVNLP administered and performed a complete perpetrator-victim-exchange/inversion process against the complainant5 in which they violently excluded her from all communications with the association committees responsible for her case. Legal trickery had played a significant part in this and was performed by the chairman Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, a well educated lawyer himself, together with his former fellow students, the official DVNLP lawyer Harms and Dr. jur. G., the unofficial DVNLP lawyer. These three mafialike acting jurists secretly collaborated with KF, the lawyer of the XY, in some court actions against the complainant and me. Dr. jur. G. was at that point in time officially only the lawyer of two other DVNLP members which were also accused by the complainant as abusers and perpetrators, the „NLP-professional“ colleagues of Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, Martina Schmidt-Tanger and SM. Dr. jur. G. joined the conspirative cooperation of the official DVNLP lawyer Harms and KF, the lawyer of XY. Together they managed to have the complainant and me been sentenced to not utter certain accusations in public. The only place where she and also I could have talked would have been the responsible committee, the arbitration board of the DVNLP, which would have had a secrecy obligation. But access to that committee had been blocked for us by the DVNLP board. So we had been muzzled.

We wanted then to plead for a committee of inquiry in the general meeting 2014 but we have been refused entry although we had the right to participate: The board „had the DVNLP members ratify its [the board´s] decision about the exclusion of the defendant [Thies Stahl, the same is true about the complainant] by circumventing the charter of their own association and „prevented [us] from taking part [in the general meeting] not only illegally but also violently“.6 Five violently acting men and one also not squeamish woman threw us out of the meeting room under the use of physical violence [all emphasis mine]7. They were employees of a security service which had been – especially for us8 – hired by the DVNLP board.

The board had manipulated and deceived [emphasis mine again] the general meeting by the unlawful exclusion [of the complainant and me].“9 This was not only vigilante justice but also a mob justice since the security and some members – even a board member – inflicted violence on us. In throwing us out the complainant actually fell on her face in front of the entrance door of the Convention Center.

The board managed it to persuade the betrayed and deceived members to pass an „Enabling Act“10 by which the general meeting authorized the board members to take all necessary actions against the complainant and me in excluding us from the association.

In that general meeting the board conducted a „drumhead court-martial“11 in which they committed character assassination against her and my person. The board member condemned her to be guilty of false accusations against the abuser XY and in a beamer supported show tribunal they portrayed her as a „kinky-sicko nuts“ woman – like it had been done with Corine Christensen in the Bandler trial12 in Santa Cruz in 1987.

Before, during and after the „cheated and betrayed general meeting“13 the three jurists of the DVNLP, Harms, Dr. jur. G. und Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, have worked together – all four mafialike and conspiratively – on a „Final Solution“ to „eliminate“ the complainant and me from the association.14

Simultaneously the convicted abuser and suspected rapist XY was supported illegally (since violating the articles of the DVNLP) by the DVNLP officials and members Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, Cora Besser-Siegmund and Stephan Landsiedel by a dirty and clandestine operation: Hidden from the DVNLP members until today they misappropriated confidential materials from the DVNLP in several cases and provided it to XY for using it against me in his trial – XY had sued me for adopting and appropriating the accusations of the complainant against him. Although they knew, according to the suppressed records of the complainant in the DVNLP, that XY was a violently acting abuser those DVNLP members decided to support XY against me. That means they supported XY in his fight against the complainant since by those acts contrary to the DVNLP charter they prevented me quite successfully to continue to support her by naming or citing her complaints.

All these lapses, wrongdoings and crimes have been made possible by the cooperation of the official DVNLP lawyer Harms and the unofficial DVNLP lawyer, Dr. jur. G., with KF, the lawyer of the abuser XY (against both KF and XY the complainant filed criminal complaints). This mafialike and presumable criminal collaboration is well documented in my final report. All four lawyers worked together conspiratively and used, via Dr. jur. G., a dark channel15 to the public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg.

The serious and perfidious misconduct of the DVNLP board is twofold: Firstly the DVNLP has robbed the complainant of her the membership rights and then infringed her human rights. And secondly: Although Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and his board knew that the complainant managed to escape a system of pedocriminal perpetrators as a willing to confess principal witness they dropped the presumption of innocence one-sidedly with respect to her person which the board, according to the requirement of neutrality, was supposed to maintain with respect to both XY and her. They protected XY who, until today, walks around untouched and is hidden as a NLP and Wingwave trainer and coach in the CNLC16 and the DVNLP.

But the biggest shame for the DVNLP board is, up to today, to work together with the perpetrators system in trying to psychiatrize the complainant17. Luckily I was able to prove that DVNLP officials together with the perpetrators system managed to manipulate internal notes in the files of the police and the prosecutor´s office18 which were the foundation of a perpetrator pleasing forgery routine assessment of her criminal responsibility. This assessment report lies, after the termination of the court proceedings (prosecutor office./.complainant for libel and slander against XY) locked away in the cellar of the court – worthless for the perpetrators because of my treatise on it.19

Psychiatrization is a crime which my „beautiful delinquent“ DVNLP20 is committing against the complainant since 2014 – up to today. The DVNLP board is lying to Robert Dilts who is an honorably honorary member of this association – in former times together with me when he was the first and I the second honorary member of the DVNLP. Nowadays he is standing in a row with Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and Cora Besser-Siegmund whom I call, as „Causa DVNLP“-perpetrators, the „mafia dignitaries“ of the DVNLP. I wrote an Open Letter to Robert Dilts and the DVNLP to inform him about the fact „You are lied to, Robert“21.

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