The True Crime in the DVNLP: Female Abusers support Male Abuser

German Version

This text I publish initially on my blog at the 26th of March 2020.

In the DVNLP, a complaint about multiple sexual and power abuses by male and female members and association officials was not only not dealt with by the responsible committees of this association, but completely suppressed and hushed up to this day. The complainant, a DVNLP member certified at all NLP training levels, was criminalized, psychopathologized and “disposed of” and “eliminated” by the DVNLP board of directors with criminal Mafia and fascist-totalitarian Nazi methods in the course of a complete perpetrator-victim-reversion process within this organization. This was done through the cooperation of the DVNLP board members and other DVNLP officials with a pedocriminal perpetrator system from the complainant’s background which the complainant just had managed to escape from. This perpetrator system, mediated by unresolved personal entanglements and violent coercive practices of various male and female DVNLP members and officials, is deeply impinging the DVNLP until today.

To the circle of DVNLP members and officials who are entangled with these pedocriminal perpetrators through the „Causa DVNLP” misdemeanors and crimes belong the DVNLP trainers AK1, OA, KA, RP, XY and Carlos Salgado, the spokeswoman of the DVNLP Mediation Specialist Group, Anita von Hertel, and the former spokeswoman of the DVNLP Regional Group Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein, Petra P., the DVNLP honorary members newly appointed in 2016, Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Cora Besser-Siegmund, Jens Tomas and Franz-Josef Hücker and the DVNLP honorary award winners Stephan Landsiedel and Ralf Dannemeyer. The latter is today a member of the DVNLP board, like Leo Buchholz, who, as a “Causa DVNLP” intensive offender, is deeply involved in the conflicts surrounding abuser XY and the complainant. All these DVNLP members are addressees of internal complaints in the DVNLP and were also reported to the police by the complainant.2

The contents of the complaints are violations of the sexual self-determination of the complainant, sexual violence of individuals and groups against her and sexual abuse, as well as abuse of power, authority and role in coincidence with sexual abuse. The respective complaint addressees and DVNLP members and officials, who have been also reported to the police, used their power over the complainant as DVNLP officials, trainers, DVNLP coaches, DVNLP mediators and DVNLP psychotherapists either directly, quasi in personal union as their pimps or clients, or indirectly, by actively and with some criminal energy taking part, together with the DVNLP board of directors, in covering up the meanwhile proven sexual and power abuse by the pimping DVNLP teacher trainer XY and covering up and hiding XY in the organization.

This support of the abusing DVNLP teacher trainer XY, which was covered up from the public and by which they criminalized and psychopathologized the complainant, happened (1.) in a court case in the course of an abuse of their DVNLP offices by the female DVNLP members Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Petra P. and, in the case of Cora Besser-Siegmund, of her office as a psychotherapist, and (2.) in the 2014 general meeting, manipulated and deceived by them together with the DVNLP board members, by the female DVNLP members Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Anita von Hertel, Petra P. and SB. The male DVNLP members, among others Leo Buchholz, AK, Carlos Salgado, Stephan Landsiedel and Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, who had been accused of abuse by the complainant, played a rather subordinate role in that two “covert operations” carried out by all of them, together the DVNLP board members.3

The unethical to criminal role mixes in question were all abuses of authority and power in that the male and female DVNLP members and officials concerned either having coerced the complainant and her children (and other young people) into sexual services themselves, having participated in the actions brought about by coercing the complainant and her children, or having participated in the cover-up of these coercion through their own and criminal actions.

All unethical to criminal role mixing alleged by the complainant to the male and female DVNLP members concerned have been an abuse of offices and power in that these male and female DVNLP members and functionaries either themselves coerced the complainant and her children (and other teenagers) into sexual services, were involved in such coercions or participated in the cover-up of such coercions and also of crimes of sexual violence through their own and concerted actions, some of which can already be called criminal: According to the reports of the complainant, which have been suppressed in the DVNLP, not only have XY, AK, OA, KA and other male DVNLP teaching trainers participated in such acts, but also five female DVNLP teaching trainers according have used their hierarchical position as DVNLP officials not only for the support of XY, which has been concealed from the public, but also for blackmailing explicit sexual services from the complainant. Who of the female DVNLP teacher trainers accepted sexual service in which way from the complainant cannot be explained here. A committee of inquiry to be appointed within the DVNLP or a court that may still be dealing with these alleged crimes against the sexual self-determination and integrity of the complainant is reserved for dealing with these crimes – committed by women against a woman.

What all these cases of abuse of the power of the office and roles the complainant had also reported to the police had in common was that the male and female DVNLP members concerned had initiated, admitted, lived and maintained conflicting and toxically overlapping complementary pimp and free relationships within their respective power-asymmetrical relationship with the complainant parallel to the respective instructor-participant and coach/mediator/psychotherapist-client relationship: They were each the male or female instructor, mediator, coach or psychotherapist and at the same time male and female pimps and johns of the complainant. In addition, all of them cooperated in the cover-up from DVNLP members and the public of the sexual and power abuses for which they themselves were responsible, as well as in covering up not only the now proven sexual abuse by DVNLP teacher trainer, coach and master course attendant XY, but also in hiding his whole person and also the conflicts that arose in the DVNLP around his pimping activities. The latter is the core event of the “Causa DVNLP” in 2013/2014.4

The complainant has brought to the attention of the DVNLP board in detail that the series of role-mixed abuses in the DVNLP started as early as 2004 with an extremely abusive coach-client relationship by the DVNLP teacher trainer RP, who has remained unchallenged in the DVNLP until today. RP was, together with SF, the second husband of the complainant, a participant in one of my NLP practitioner groups. According to the complainant’s reports, which had been suppressed in the DVNLP, he was instructed by SF to train the complainant in appropriate “coachings“ for very specific sexual services and to “discipline” her to take them on without resistance. A similar order was given to another participant at that time, who, as an SM dom, knew SF from the SM scene and was supposed to train the complainant to become a pain-tolerant SM sub. The DVNLP board knew that SF and the pedocriminal perpetrator system forced the complainant and her children to provide sexual services to RP as well as to other participants of that group in the informal background of this DVNLP practitioner group, which was hidden from me as the leader. Assistant person in this DVNLP training group was the current member of the DVNLP Arbitration Commission, Henrik Andresen, who at that time also took on a coaching assignment from SF, which, according to the complainant’s reports, included violent couple interventions with her and SF as well as extremely dubious interventions in her family and professional system.

According to the complainant’s reports, which were suppressed in the DVNLP, SF was, together with her first husband VF and the later Master Course Attendant XY, a member of a pedocriminal perpetrator system which encompassed and permeated the entire family and professional relationship system of the complainant and which infiltrated the DVNLP through XY, AL and two female DVNLP officials and members – up to today.

The complainant’s family relationship system consisted mainly of her mother, her stepfather, his brother, adopted son of this brother, VF, who became her first pimp husband for this system, her daughter and her son, and her second husband, SF, who was pimping for this system as well.

Her professional relationship system consisted of her then husband SF and her, as the owner of a youth welfare organization and training institute for group work with thirty employees, her psychology professor GB, who also belonged to the pedocriminal offender system, and, in his function as “adviser” and “supervisor” of her youth welfare organization and training institute, together with SF carried out a criminal trade in children and teenagers. In this pedocriminal perpetrator system, the complainant and her children were coerced into sexual services with countless pedophile and other “normal” male and also female clients by means of violent punishment and death threats. In November 2011 she succeeded in escaping this perpetrator system, which exploited her and up to today her children, as a testifying key witness.5

In 2008 she was forced by this perpetrator system to be available for sexual services to AL, her DVNLP Teaching Trainer, for sexual services to him and his V.I.P. clients and seminar participants, as well as in 2009 to 2011 to the current DVNLP Teaching Trainer XY, who was her assistant person in my NLP master group at that time. The same applies to two female DVNLP teaching trainers from the above-mentioned circle of DVNLP officials intensively and culpably entangled with the complainant. All of them and also some of the designated male DVNLP teaching trainers have enriched themselves on the complainant in the years 2008 to 2011 by claiming her and partly also her children in the course of extremely unprofessional and unethical to criminal role mixing and abuse of authority for sexual services – both for themselves and for to various course participants and clients who were somehow of importance to them in business (V.I.P.s)6.

In 2011, at the age of 38, the complainant succeeded in leaving the pedocriminal forced prostitution perpetrator system, which is still protected and sponsored by the DVNLP by consistently and officially covering up and hiding the abuse of XY on the complainant and the person of XY, who belongs to that system. Following a family court decision, the complainant had to leave her children with the DVNLP-supported perpetrators. Thanks to the generous and active support of the perpetrator system by the DVNLP, the complainant has not seen her children since 2012.

The Actual Crime

All these just listed misdemeanors and crimes committed in and by the DVNLP are described in detail in my “Causa DVNLP” final report. So what is then the actual crime committed by this association?

The DVNLP covers up the fascist-totalitarian lapses of the “Causa DVNLP” and by that shows itself as a nazioid association of perpetrators, accomplices and followers. 1700 (from 1900) DVNLP-members were informed by me – several times and in detail – about the fact that a member was deprived of membership rights by self, lynch and mob justice and that her dignity and human rights were trampled on and she finally was “eliminated” by Mafia, Stasi and Nazi methods.

The real crime consists in the fact that the then DVNLP board of directors around Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Jens Tomas, as well as today’s board of directors around Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Anja Mýrdal, Leo Buchholz and Ralf Dannemeyer burdened a member, the complainant, with an additional traumatization although she has had already experienced sexual and power abuses on an unimaginable scale since she was two years old and she had to deal with them as a complex traumatization and still has today: From the DVNLP, her “quasi” professional association, from whose representatives and officials she had hoped to receive protection from and help in getting out of the perpetrator system that dominated her life, family and professional background, she is abused both communicatively and physically in the same violent way as she has experienced it all her life from the representatives of this perpetrator system – all that of she survived due to her enormous resilience. The violent punishments and death threats directed against her children and herself in her former perpetrator system continued for her in the violent treatment, i.e. in the criminal “elimination” and “disposal” of her person by a perfidious character assassination by the DVNLP.

These misconduct, these fascist-totalitarian slips and criminal procedures have never even close been cleared up in the DVNLP until today, but concealed and denied with all means. And: They are still covered up by today’s clearly guilt entangled DVNLP executive board, by Anja Mýrdal and above all by the “causa DVNLP” perpetrators and accomplices Leo Buchholz and Ralf Dannemeyer. This happens with the help of national “lying” board statements and now also with the help of internationally virally spread lies and defamations by the DVNLP e.g. towards Robert Dilts.7

If the DVNLP does not face up to its past, it is a lobby association of cowardly perpetrators, accomplices, followers and look aways – a Nazi association with Mafia honorary members and laureates. Robert Dilts is probably the only honorary member of the DVNLP today, because he is not involved in the dirty machinations of the “Causa DVNLP” as an accomplice, follower or confidant and also not as a look away.

The real crime committed in and by the DVNLP is the collective and mutual protection of a group or roped party of perpetrators who are too cowardly to stand by their misdeeds and rather prefer to sacrifice two of their fellow human beings instead – the complainant, but also me as her supporter. In order to conceal and cover up their own unprofessional, unethical and criminal slips, derailments and crimes, they are placing a burden on a woman who, with the overlapping layers of traumatization from her childhood and adult life, has a lot of trauma to deal with and work through anyway: the burden of a further traumatization, another layer of trauma through a re-traumatization and new-traumatization as an adult, which is difficult to bear and cope with due to the insidiousness and perfidiousness of the DVNLP and its „Cause DVNLP” perpetrators. The latter is also particularly true for the complainant since she was separated from her children because of the criminal support of the pedocriminal perpetrator system by the DVNLP.

In order to remain unmolested themselves, the DVNLP honorary members Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and Cora Besser-Siegmund are still working alongside pedocriminals in a psychiatric attack which has brought the complainant to the brink of complete social annihilation. In order to ward off this attack, I had to write several (to keep their Mafia lawyers away from me elaborately formulated and therefore tediously to read) articles and a book.

The real crime in the DVNLP is the pathetic cowardice of a roped party of female and male members, association officials, honorary members and honorary prize winners who, in the shadow of a stupid-bourgeois double standard, burned a fellow member like a witch in order to keep their own pretended good reputation and above all their good NLP sales – and also, and this applies to quite a few of them, to keep themselves out of prison. They as DVNLP Teacher Trainers have treated sex with a dependent participant and client, as well as with children and teenagers delivered to them by the perpetrator system behind the DVNLP member XY, like a bourgeois trivial offence – an offence, for which male but also female bourgeois chauvinist gentlemen still receive an appreciative pat on the back from the very members of their roped party and accomplices who collaborated with them in the social annihilation and disposal of the complainant they abused for their own amusement. And probably also from all those hypocritical DVNLP double-morality members, to whom the fact that the complainant was also offered by the DVNLP teacher trainer XY and the perpetrator system in the DVNLP as a V.I.P. noble whore is enough to agree that she has gambled away her claim to all DVNLP membership rights and even her human rights. Especially those who secured her sexual services for themselves as her male and above all also female john by exploiting and abusing their DVNLP offices.8

Martina, Cora, Jens, Anita, Petra, Leo, AK, OK, RP, Franz-Josef, Stephan Landsiedel, Carlos Salgado, Ralf Dannemeyer and especially you, the DVNLP teacher trainer XY who provides sex services for a commission: Was it worth it? Were the (often violent) swingers parties with a dependent client and her and other abused children and teenagers, the gang-bangs (which often got out of hand) and the relaying of special fetish oriented (and often violent) sexual encounters, the cunnilingi and fellationes (probably in most cases only half enjoyed due to the guilty conscience associated with the abuse of office and roles) and the covering and hiding of the proven abuser XY, manipulating, deceiving and lying to the DVNLP General Assembly, the public and also, via Robert Dilts, the international NLP community in order to protect one’s own reputation and sales, was that all worth it? Was it all worth it, to charge a (although very well trained and cognitively and mentally flexible, but also) complexly traumatized female colleague with the additional trauma of being psychopathologized, criminalized and even psychiatrized by the association’s official vigilante justice, and then being excommunicated by the association’s official character assassination, tarred and feathered and being sent into the desert as a scapegoat?

This question will probably be asked to you, dear male and female DVNLP cowards and my dear former male and female NLP students, by your coaching and psychotherapy clients and the participants of your DVNLP trainings in the future. Perhaps you should consider turning back and apologizing to the complainant and her children. Metanoia and remorse sometimes causes judges to give lenient sentences.

  1. I use these and other anonymizations in my “Causa DVNLP” final report, which I have published as a book under the title NLP for criminals – “Causa DVNLP”: Mafia, Stasi and Nazi methods in German NLP (here a machine generated translation). Some of the “Causa DVNLP” perpetrators, whose slanderous and defamatory contributions can still be read today in the Internet forums for which the DVNLP executive committee and its minister of propaganda, Ralf Dannemeyer, is responsible, still show up there with their clear names. In the footnotes of “NLP for criminals” you will find links to the original contributions as well as to the forum contributions with their names blackened that I have archived. Those concerned may contact the board and Ralf Dannemeyer so that their contributions defaming the complainant and myself are finally deleted there.
  2. I have documented and substantiated in detail the corresponding criminal events and the machinations of the mafia lawyers of the DVNLP and their involvement in the psychiatric attack of the DVNLP against the complainant, together with the names of the DVNLP board officials responsible for these misdemeanors in this association in “NLP for Criminals”.
  3. With which criminal actions they succeeded in this, I describe in “NLP for Criminals” .
  4. The “Causa DVNLP” as a whole I have described very detailed in “NLP for criminals”.
  5. Through the active support of the DVNLP and its officials, the pedocriminal perpetrator system has succeeded, by manipulating internal notes of the authorities involved, in portraying the complainant as an untrustworthy and mentally disturbed woman. I have documented the inconceivable fact of a viral spread of psychopathologizations and psychiatrizations in the files of the LKA and the public prosecutor’s office in “NLP for Criminals” in detail.
  6. In a follow-up volume to “NLP for Criminals”, in which I deal with the contexts important for an understanding of the misconduct and crimes of the “cause DVNLP”, I will describe the similarity of the scenic conflict constellations of the DVNLP conflicts around XY and the complainant with the one reported (see Internet-Recherche-Bandler-Christensen.) to have existed at the time of the unsolved murder of Corine Christensen in 1986 between her, the NLP founder Richard Bandler and their mutual friend James Marino.
  7. See the open letter to the DVNLP and Robert Dilts: “You are lied to, Robert.”
  8. It should be included in the DVNLP’s ethical guidelines: A male DVNLP teacher trainer and also a female DVNLP teacher trainer should resist the temptation to be sexually served by a male or female participant or client via fellatio or cunnilingus. She or he should do so even if the male or female person subordinated in the respective power-asymmetrical relationship has already learned as a male or female child to serve not only male but also female clients in a technically perfect way. Also, hetero- as well as homosexual oriented male or female DVNLP teacher trainers should be able to resist the temptation to abuse female and male children and adolescents offered to them by the private or professional relationship system of participants or clients for the satisfaction of their private human, hetero- or homosexual pedophile needs.