The DVNLP does not protect its Members

German Version

This text I published in my blog on the 4th of Mai 2020.

Actually, after my DVNLP final report was published as book1, I did not want to comment on the crisis of the DVNLP again. At least not before I have finished the second volume in which I deal with contexts of the “Causa DVNLP”.

The list of derailments and machinations in the DVNLP published by me in “NLP for Criminals” is obviously confirmed by the board of directors of this association as being correct, as it is no longer legally questioned by its Mafia lawyers.

My public admonitions to clear up the monstrosities covered up in this association are perceived by many DVNLP members, as I know from numerous e-mail responses, as unjustified insults with which I (and not the perpetrators named by me) would damage the reputation of the DVNLP – and thus also their own reputation as members of this now pilloried2 association.

With regard to this damage to their own reputation and that of their association, DVNLP members cannot expect protection and help from their board. 

The DVNLP board knows only too well about the violations, misdemeanours and genuine crimes of DVNLP officials and members, which I have described, proven and substantiated in detail, i.e. the DVNLP cannot protect its members from damage to their own reputation as members of a morally crushed association. Not sustainably at least: It can, as it has done in the past years and until today, try – by discrediting the complainant and myself by further slandering and denigrating – to make the association members believe that the complainant is “mentally ill”3 and I am also “disturbed”4 and to commit character assassination by further false claims and lies5. But meanwhile simply too many DVNLP members and too many of their clients and participants have taken note of my final report. The resources of the DVNLP board of directors to keep their heads above water with genuine lies and malicious denigration are finite.

So the DVNLP cannot prevent another great damage to its members besides the fact that the bad reputation of their association rubs off on them. This damage consists for them in the economically and emotionally unhealthy situation of having to answer embarrassing questions from their clients and participants: Why do you, as members, put up with something like that, and why does your association and your board of directors put up with it? These are serious accusations that your association’s founder and long-time honorary member is making, aren’t they? Bad and damaging to your reputation, even if these accusations are not justified. And even worse and potentially devastating for the DVNLP if they are justified, aren’t they?

Moreover, when asked about the criminalization and psychiatricization attacks of the executive board against the complainant and me, the DVNLP members must probably endure questions like: Why are you carrying this? Why don’t you make sure that your board takes a stand on the accusations of Thies Stahl? Or that it takes legal action against the complainant and Thies Stahl? Why are you allowing your board to psychopathologize, criminalize, and even psychiatrize the complainant and Thies Stahl? Aren’t you complicit in this? Through opportunistic hanger-onism and extensive peeking away?

Since mid-2014, the DVNLP board has been pursuing its strategy of covering up, sitting out and denial at the expense not only of the complainant and myself, but of all its members. Because of the board members own involvement in the crimes committed and officially covered up by the DVNLP, the DVNLP members cannot expect an investigation from the DVNLP board – neither with regard to the serious sexual and power abuses committed in the DVNLP and concealed from its members, nor with regard to the multiple abuses of office of several DVNLP officials in the official suppression and cover-up of these complaints. Since their board obviously does not come out of its sitting mode and does not have the courage to take a public stand on my final report6, the association members have to live with the burden of my public denunciations and the resulting damage to their reputation as members of their DVNLP, which I “denigrated” as a nazioid perpetrator and follower association.

Against this background, it can be assumed that the DVNLP board of directors will continue to leave those members of the association who have insulted me in response to my info mails and threatened me with lawsuits for violation of data protection standing in the rain: Obviously, the DVNLP Board does not perform its sovereign task to avert such a damage to the association as a whole, and thus also from the individual members, but seems to assume that in this boardmade crisis of the association it must be the task of the individual DVNLP members to make their own efforts to defend themselves against such a collective “damage to reputation” by its excommunicated founder. The DVNLP board seems to delegate this sovereign task back to its members, and thus to the sovereign of the association.

Here “damage” does not only mean the loss of reputation of the DVNLP members, to belong to an association in which fascist-totalitarian derailments happen, complaints of abuse being suppressed and covered up and in which a perpetrator-victim-reversion process is authorized and carried out by the board of directors via mob and vigilante justice, but also the fact that the DVNLP board of directors imposes its members not to be able to really defend themselves against the accusation of complicity and complicity.7 Such an accusation concerns both her knowledge8 of the cover-up, concealment and denial of the suppressed abuse complaints, and the slander and psychiatric attacks9 of her board against the complainant and me.

I assume that many of the DVNLP members, who – in their dislocated anger at me, the bearer of the unpleasant news about the state of their association – threatened me with lawsuits for violation of data protection, have called on their board of directors to take legal action against my “insults to the DVNLP and its members”. This is also the case of Mr. U. M. from S., a student of the DVNLP teacher trainer and “causa DVNLP” offender Carlos Salgado.

On 20.04.2020, Mr. M. filed a complaint against me with the authority “The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information”10 that I had sent him an “advertising mail” meaning my mail to 1250 members of the DVNLP of 18.03.202011 without the corresponding consent of his part. In my reply letter12 to the clerk of the Hamburg data protection authority, I explained that this message exclusively sent to DVNLP members is not an advertising mail, but a notice concerning their own well-being and integrity and the well-being and safety of clients and participants of DVNLP members, that means concerning a fundamentally important DVNLP association matter.

Here the DVNLP board of directors was he’s a coward and chickened out: He does not act on his own and takes a clear position by taking over his responsibility, but he sends someone in front of him, as done in the „Cause DVNLP” often times – e.g. a receiver of orders from the DVNLP office or DVNLP members13 who have enough skeletons in the closet in the context of the Causa DVNLP conflicts to accept this dirty delegation in their own interest. The DVNLP board recently did not lie to the NLP co-developer, DVNLP honorary member Robert Dilts, personally but had a DVNLP member, Robert’s “contact person” for the DVNLP event Future Tools14, do this dirty job: In a „dirty delegation“, the DVNLP board of directors used this association member to slander and defame Robert Dilts towards the complainant and me in a nasty way.15

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