Robert, you are a Member of a German Mafia and Nazi Organization (2nd open letter to Robert Dilts and the DVNLP)

German Version

after my open letter to you and the DVNLP (“You are lied to, Robert!”), you had promised me to request a statement from the DVNLP board of directors, whether the lies and defamations, which were told to you1 by the DVNLP representative responsible for your DVNLP workshop2, are to be regarded as an official statement of the DVNLP. On 25.01.20202, you said, “I will let you know if I hear anything substantive” and my draft for this 2nd open letter, which I sent to you on 06.03.2020, you did not comment. When I congratulated you on your birthday on 21.03.2020 and asked you whether you were in Santa Cruz or in Europe at that time, you only said “I am in Santa Cruz, where we are in shelter mode. Not supposed to leave the house except for essentials”. You said nothing about the DVNLP and the criminals among your co-dignitaries, the honorary members of the DVNLP, until today.

Robert, whether you received a DVNLP statement and did not pass its content on to me, or whether you did not request such a statement at all, in both cases the Mafia and Nazi Association DVNLP abuses you as an“ international propaganda representative” – as well as they abuse your DVNLP contact person, their official representative. The cowardly DVNLP board members abuse him for a task they themselves do not have the courage for. And which they themselves could not even accomplish, because they have gotten themselves so entangled in lies in their public statements3 that a statement to you about the „Causa DVNLP” would be like squaring a circle for them.

You are afraid of being drawn into the conflict between Stahl and DVNLP, you said to me. But: By passing on the defamatory lies of your DVNLP contact person to me, you have already become entangled in this conflict. And the only way to free yourself from it is to pass on the official statement of the DVNLP board of directors to me, which he has given – or will give – to you. Then you would be free and could say „Thies says this, the DVNLP says this, and I am neither judge nor mediator in this conflict. At some point in the future I only have to decide whether I want to remain an honorary member of this association.“

Deciding whether to do the workshop for the DVNLP Future Tool in June or not, is seemingly not necessary any more. The weight of this decision will probably be taken from your mind by the corona virus.

Goodbye, Robert, and stay healthy,

Thies, your first sponsor in Europe. (Our workshops have been in 1987 and not in 1982, as you said in your video message to the DVNLP congress4 in 2016. In 1981 we met in Santa Cruz… :-)

  1. I quoted them in “You are being lied to, Robert!“.
  2. During the DVNLP event “Future Tools” in May 2020 in Göttigen.
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